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A Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel – What Is It And How Does It Work?

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Have you ever wanted to make money by giving things away for free? I'm sure you have! Let me explain to you how a Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel can work for you and how you can create one easily for your own business or side hustle. 

Joram ‧ Success is Made

Have you ever wanted to make money by giving things away for free? I'm sure you have! Let me explain to you how a Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel can work for you and how you can create one easily for your own business or side hustle.

The law of reciprocity is very real. It describes how value flows back to you when you offer lots of value to others. And it will even flow back to you faster when you are not focused on getting those returns or concerned with getting returns. So let me explain it to you and make you just as excited as I am about the topic.

A Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel is another example of "giving before you receive" or giving before you expect anything in return. The whole idea is that you offer something of very high value to your ideal customer persona, which means the people that you intend to serve with your business.

Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel

A Lead Magnet Marketing Funnel is a Marketing Funnel where you make clever use of something you give away to your ideal customer persona (your perfect customer). If a visitor is interested, you know they are interested in your other products and services. So you can send them offers with more and more value. Watch the video to understand the tools you need and the steps to take!

Oftentimes this is knowledge or information that you have because you have many years of experience, a head start, so to speak. And you give all that information and value until the moment where your customers want even more and start buying products and services from you.

So it is important to start with that, the actual Lead Magnet. It actually works like a real magnet, to attract the right people to your business. So it should be something of high perceived value, perhaps a great e-book with information they need to get started. It could be a cheat sheet with the best examples that helped you on your journey and that you know will help them. It could be your biggest secrets or your best video. That explains something crucial to them that makes the difference between either their success or their failure. Or that saves them weeks of time avoiding the trial and error that you went through. It can be anything that gives a lot of value to your audience.

And of course, ideally it is something that doesn't cost you additional money after the initial investment for creating or buying it. So what I mean is that it should not cost you more to give it away (so, for instance, an ebook) to 1.000 people versus giving it away to only 10.

The interesting thing is that this method gives you something extremely valuable. It identifies the people that are interesting for you to market to, because, if you do this right, the fact that they are interested in your "free thing" means that they are interested in related things as well.

And if you keep adding value and continue to give you end up with many customers that will unconsciously feel that they should return the favor. Or want to get even more value from you by paying for a premium product and you follow up on that first interaction with other things that add value. Value on value on value. Just like I describe in my book, the Value Pillars.

After the Lead Generation phase, using your Lead Magnet, you have an email address or phone number or something else that you can use to get in contact with that customer. And at that moment, you know exactly who you should follow up with because those people who showed interest in your Lead Magnet are perfect candidates for your other products and services.

And the rest of the marketing funnel is then easy. You have different ways to lead them, or perhaps lead them back, to your sales pages and offers. For example, by sending them emails with offers or have them connect through social media where you can make other offers. In my fashion, accessories e-com business I add a cool leaflet showing my customers what else I have in the assortment. And I give them a discount code as a Call to Action.

So your sales funnel will be designed to add more and more value, not just more of the same, but keep filling the Value Pillars with unique value and drive them to the next level.

And then the tools that you need to make this all happen: To build the actual Lead Magnets, the "Bribes", or "Bait" as some other online marketers call them, you can use tools like Designrr. To create the Lead Generation page and the rest of the Sales Funnel. I use a suite of tools that cost me less than $1 per day.

And then, finally, to create the visual representation of your Lead Magnet, which means the image of your digital products that people see on their screens you have many different options. Great options are RenderForest and Placeit.net. And if you are looking for almost augmented reality renders of products in real life situations, I have a secret tool that I recommend.

And lastly, in order to create the artwork to change into the pictures of your e-book, you can use a free Canva account. Simply export the image and upload it to one of the many services that I mentioned earlier.

So now, you know what a Lead Magnet sales funnel is, how it works and even how you can build yours. If I left anything out, please reach out. I do read comments and respond if needed. I post new online business tips and strategies every single week. So make sure to bookmark this blog. And make sure to follow me on YouTube and TikTok.

To your success!

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