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5 Ways Videos Can Help Boost Your Online Business

The Story

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This saying couldn't be more true when it comes to videos for your online business.  When you're trying to convey your message, there are few things as compelling as video content.  Videos capture the attention of viewers and keep them engaged with your brand for longer periods.  It is an effective tool to help your business grow. Adding a video or two can drastically improve conversion rates on your website. A lot of online business owners have helped them to create engaging content, establish strong connections with their audience, and boost revenue.

Video is an important tool to be used as part of your marketing strategy. It can grow your online presence tremendously if utilized correctly. There are many ways you can use video for your online business, and here are a few on how you can get started using video today.

The Problem

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The Solution

1. Video is a perfect tool to introduce your products.

Video marketing has grown in popularity and it's so effective for small businesses owners who are just starting.  After investing a lot of time and money into creating your product, introducing your products will be the next step. Using video can be a powerful medium as your go-to form to show off your products to your audience. It's not enough to just describe, you need visual proof that your target market will want what you offer. Through videos on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, you can use these platforms to advertise your products or services or having a live stream in the process in which it was made can also help. This will give you a great impact of captivating your customers while giving them information of the benefit of purchasing your products instead of going somewhere else.

The Feature Highlights

Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.

2. Video can create a more personal connection with your audience.

Video is an effective way to share information because it's engaging and interactive. It also provides an opportunity for your audience to connect with what they're seeing on screen. Online businesses can leverage the power of video to be part of their own digital strategy. It can create an emotional impact and provide more information about your product or service than just text alone. Video helps build trust with your audience and position you as the expert they need to know for their needs.

5 Ways Video Can Help You Grow Your Business - SuccessisMade.com

3. Use videos as customer testimonials or product demonstrations.

Not only can you use videos as a way to show how your product works, but they are also a great way to add credibility and trustworthiness to your business. Videos allow the audience to see what they can expect from both the product itself and your business' customer service. This transparency is important when it comes to making purchasing decisions online. Since videos don't have any of the visual distractions that written testimonials do, customers will be able to focus on what matters most: whether or not your product actually does what you say it does.  A video demonstration also provides an opportunity for customers who might be hesitant about buying online due to concerns over authenticity or quality control issues with products sold exclusively on websites.

4. People like watching videos because they're interesting and engaging

In a world where people are increasingly overwhelmed with information, videos provide an engaging way to digest and process what they have seen by providing short clips of your product. People like to watch product videos because they're interesting and make it easier for them when deciding what products they want. They can be an incredible way to expand their knowledge about your products, as well as a way to keep your prospects interested and entertained for an extended period, which is especially important in this fast-paced world we live in now.  Make sure your video is entertaining enough for people to watch it in full without getting bored and add an emotional element to drive up engagement with viewers who feel connected to your message.

5. Videos are more likely to be shared on social media than text posts

It's no secret that video content is increasingly popular with users as a means to consume online content. This makes videos tend to receive higher levels of engagement from viewers, which in turn leads to an increase in shares on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter than text posts. That is because visual content attracts a much wider audience and can therefore have an even greater impact on online businesses with their key demographic in mind.

How to add a video on a landing page

Landing pages are often the first interaction a visitor has with your business. A landing page should be short, relevant, and engaging to encourage conversion. Adding a video to your landing page can increase engagement. So, what if you could add a video on your landing page? It's easy to do! 

First, log in to your account and click on the “Edit Landing Page” button. Next, scroll down until you see the text box for adding content. Click "Add Media" and type in some words about the video so people know more about it before they watch it. Then upload your video or find one on Youtube by entering its URL into the search bar then click on the “Save” button. Using YouTube videos is highly recommended because it offers conversion tracking which is important when running an online marketing campaign measuring how many leads came from this landing page after watching this.

How to add a video on a landing page

  1. First, go to the “Elements” section and click on Video.
  2. Then select “Youtube” as the source of the video
  3. Next, on youtube find the video you want to show on your page.
  4. Then click “Share”, and select “Embed” and copy the URL. Make sure to copy everything between “<” and “>”.
  5. Enter the URL of the video into the “Link” field provided on the landing page.
  6. Then drag the video where you'd like it to appear.
  7. Click Save & Close when finished. You can also change individual settings for each element including size, position, font color, and more if desired!

An online video is a powerful tool for building traffic and engagement. It's the ultimate marketing weapon because it simultaneously attracts attention, builds trust, and converts prospects into customers. A video editing software can be used in many ways to drive more business: from creating videos that showcase your product or service to developing tutorials on how to use it effectively. It can be as simple and straightforward as filming yourself talking about what you do, or it could involve creating an informative video with sleek animations that show off how your product works in comparison to another.  Video is an excellent way to build trust, share your message with customers in a more personal manner, and reach out across vast distances. Whether you just started your online business or have been running it for a while - videos are a perfect tool to boost your business.

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