The Subway Framework Explained

On this page I explain one of the core concepts that I teach as part of The Value Pillars method for personal and business growth. The Subway Principle will help you in building your business online in many ways. I will first explain the concept and its origins. Then I will explain how it will help you in getting from the research and self-exploration you do as part of The Value Pillars method, to the foundation of your business. The concept is called the “Subway Framework”.

Guiding your Customers

You guide your customers passed all the stops to where they want or need to be, providing maximum value in the process. 

Everyone on this planet is always going somewhere. You are in one location and you need to go to another, for work, to visit family, to go to a theme park, a concert, or whatever. In my international retail career, I have visited countless cities abroad to visit factories, offices, stores, hotels, and airports. And one universal element of all those cities in all those countries, is public transport. In some countries it is better organized than in others, but the main gist is that it brings you from point A to B in the most efficient way possible.

Everyone knows and understands a subway system. You go from one station, often Central Station or the airport, to your destination. And in between there are many stops that you don’t really pay attention to. They are there, but they normally swoosh by to get you to your destination station. In your mind they are simply there to get you to the next, and the next, and the next stop before you reach your exit station. Simply put, they are a means to an end. And for most people it is still all about the destination, not the journey.

Origin to Exit

It is easy to extend this Subway Framework to anything people try to accomplish in their lives. Every day there are challenges and opportunities in everyone’s life that they want or need to overcome. They do not need to be as big as the current transformation you are going through in your life, to become a successful online entrepreneur. These challenges can be anything, from average, to boring, to mundane. What to make for dinner this evening? How can I get my dog to stop barking at anyone? How do I record that professional training video for work before the end of the month? How do I get the skills and confidence to nail that job interview next week? All these questions start with a departure from where you are now (your Origin Station) to the desired Exit Station: inspiration, skills, expertise, experience or whatever you want to accomplish at that moment in your life.

Origin to Exit

Although your unique life situation might be different, most people reading this are an employee and want to become a successful online entrepreneur and find personal freedom. Going from EM to EN, I call this. In that journey the Origin Station is being in employment and the Exit Station is being an entrepreneur with the first profitable customers in their portfolio. Although you are probably only interested in the end result, I have spent years learning and defining all the necessary steps in between, that you need to pass, that will get you to your ultimate goal, your transformation. So the “29 steps” from the Value Pillars are the units I have defined to get you where you need to be. For your business it will be exactly the same: we will determine the actual product (and as you will learn in The Value Pillars Masterclass, a service is also a product in the end) that will get people that match your Value-Centric Customer Persona Profile from their Origin Station to their Exit Station. You guide them passed all the stops to where they want or need to be. And the number of stops depends of course on their individual Origin- and Exit station: where they jump onboard and hop off.

Origin to Exit

The Value Pillars system is designed to help you in your transformational journey towards online entrepreneurship and your very own successful business online. If you want to learn more about this, and see if there are spots available in the program, click here.

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