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The Importance of Proper Copy Editing

Most writers are not aware that it takes longer to edit than it does to write. They think editors just whip through a dozen pages in minutes, and it’s ready to go. Actually, proper copy editing takes a great deal of time and is actually worth more than copy writing.

A good copywriter will edit the copy over and over, because they know that copy editing is the key to their writing presenting its very best. This is even more so, when it is a book or e-book that has been written. Editing is an integral part of your writing.

  • It will fine tune the copy to ensure it is easy to read, and comprehend
  • It ensures a consistent voice throughout the writing
  • It ensures the information is presented in the best format possible
  • It fixes punctuation, grammar, etc. so that the writing looks professional
  • When it comes to editing there are a number of steps – let’s have a look at them

Step #1  - Time to Get Critical

How well does the writing flow? What’s the foundation? How well does the writer’s idea shape up in Chapter One, and does it continue to properly flow from there? How well does it conclude? You must analyze the writing and then make necessary changes.

Step #2 – Edit the Entire Book

Now that you have completed the analysis you know what needs to be done to fix the weak spots, so that’s where you go next. You should read the content aloud so that you ensure the words make sense when spoken aloud. It’s a good idea to turn tracking on so you can see what changes are being made.

Step #3 – Stop Once and Repeat Again

You are actually going to do this step a few times. You’ll edit, then walk away from your project and come back and edit it again. You will repeat until you have corrected everything that needs to be corrected.

Step #4 – Grammar and Spelling

Now you are going to become concerned with the grammar and spelling, giving the material a once over, and then repeating as often as necessary to catch all the little mistakes.

Step #5 – Inject a Voice

Once the editorial flow is good, you need to start to pay attention to the writing tone and the style. Read it again and pay attention that things are being said “the right way” and that the same energy flows from start to finish.

Step #6 – Format the Text

This is very important – it includes headings, font, font size, etc. to ensure the writing format is uniform from start to finish.

Step #7 – The Final Review

This is it – the last critique. Make sure you have your critical eye working. You should actually have left the material sit for a couple of days before you take on this final step. Your objective is perfection!

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