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Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Copywriter

If you want to become a better copywriter, the first thing you need to do is be willing to work at it. Becoming a better copywriter takes practice and dedication, but don’t worry it’s worth every minute.

Let’s start with some food for thought:

  • Writing is straightforward but it’s not easy
  • To get a bigger client list you have to get really good
  • Until you publish your work you’re just dabbling in writing
  • You cannot practice unless you are disciplined, and have the ability to persevere
  • Stop making excuses!

Before you make the decision to take your copywriting to the next level answer a few questions:

  • Why do I want to write?
  • Who do I want to write for?
  • Have I found my voice, my tone, my style?
  • What am I willing to give up to better my craft?

Great now here are some tips to help you become a better copywriter and take you from amateur to professional:

  • Write every single day – don’t miss any!
  • Make sure that what you write is clear, concise, and effective
  • Don’t be lazy – if you are going to write then write and write intelligently
  • Stop worrying about whether you are a good copywriter and just continue writing
  • Don’t focus on getting published, just write and eventually you will get published
  • Write things that are worth writing, don’t write for fame
  • Write about what you believe in that way you can write with conviction

Now it’s time to begin to build a platform to market yourself on so that you can build your clientele:

  • Be intentional and you’ll get noticed
  • To create a broader audience you must narrow your focus
  • Learn from other copywriters – what works, what doesn’t, what made them successful
  • Make sure you are always engaging your readers
  • Intentionally grow your traffic through the use of a blog
  • Don’t be afraid to guest post your writing on other people’s blogs
  • Expect some people to react negatively to what you write, even hate you – don’t worry, just ignore them

If you need help with your actual writing there are many excellent sites, groups, and forums that can help you. Share ideas, ask questions, and learn. Being a writer means you have committed yourself to a lifetime of learning. It’s exciting, rewarding, and it can be financially lucrative for the best copywriters.

About me and Success is Made.com

Want to read more about copywriting? Writing sales copy or building a simple opt-in or sales page? Or perhaps you have started your business selling products and services and are interested in how branding can help you sell more and even earn more money? Or perhaps you're just trying to get your blog off the ground?

In '98 I started my marketing and copywriting journey. First on actual paper (yes, really!) and then I gradually moved to online. I have built and worked for multiple online businesses and launched many brands in several markets and niches. Examples are DIY, fashion accessories, eyewear, sports supplements, and the meditation and spirituality niche. So it's safe to call me an all-round online marketer! 

If you want your online business to work for you instead of the other way around. And if you are sick and tired of all the online marketing gurus trying to push their expensive webinars and expensive tools, you can give me a chance! I am here to support and share my experience and knowledge. I work on this site whenever I have time, so when you're missing a certain topic or get stuck, please reach out through the contact form.

To your success!

Joram - Success is Made.com
Joram - Success is Made.com

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